Inside Asheville Dental Care: Highly Inviting High-Tech

Reception Area

Our office is a unique blend of high tech and the feeling of home. Much of the artwork is by local artists and select pieces of furniture are antiques passed down in Dr. Powell’s family. After you are greeted with a big smile and hello by our front office staff, have a seat in our reception area-but don’t get too comfortable, we respect that your time is valuable and pride ourselves on staying on schedule.

Front Office

This area is very open and bright to allow you to move around and interact freely with our front office personnel. We also offer a more secluded space for private conversations if that is what you need.

Consult Room

As a new patient, this will be one of the first rooms you experience. We use this room to talk to patients one-to-one, learn more about their dental goals and introduce them to our practice. This room is also used when patients who want to discuss a dental procedure more fully. Please help yourself to the education materials and literature located here.

Sterilization Area

We pride ourselves on having one of the most advanced sterilization units available today. We have invested heavily in our sterilization unit because this area is critical for our patients’ health. Our units are sensor activated and foot pedals are used to activate all equipment. The use of foot pedals ensures no cross-contamination and guarantees a healthy experience for our patients.


Our lab houses our CEREC milling units, where dental restorations are milled in minutes without using metals. When we remove old mercury fillings, our mercury collection system allows us to properly dispose of them, protecting the environment. Our lab also houses tools and supplies. We adhere to the highest standards in lab cleanliness and sterilization. The advanced equipment and cleanliness of our lab is a great reflection of the care and attention we put into our entire office. We are proud of our lab and make it a point to have you and all our patients visit it.

Operatories and Hygiene Rooms

As you move through the office, you will notice we have two operatories in which Dr. Powell sees patients and two rooms for our hygienists. These rooms are designed for your comfort and have the most advanced dental equipment available. You will rest easy in our state-of-the-art, very comfortable dental chairs. You can lay back and relax with our earphones and music. Notice the screens above each chair. Intra-oral cameras are used to capture full photos of your teeth and mouth. Buy using these cameras, you actually have the same view as the dentist and hygienist of your teeth and mouth. This is an advantage for you as a patient, as it ensures you understand and can see your treatment.

Digital Panorex

If you have been to the dentist before, then most likely you have had a Panorex (a full x-ray of your mouth). However, you may not have had a digital Panorex. By taking a digital x-ray, we reduce your radiation exposure by 90 percent. Our Panorex and all of our x-rays are fully digital. Digital technology saves radiation exposure and is faster.  It also eliminates the need for chemicals necessary to develop film, which saves the environment.

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