Your beautiful smile rests on the foundation of good dental health.

The preventive care we provide at Asheville Dental Care builds that healthy foundation.

Our preventive care services include:

  1. Regular checkups with complimentary intra-oral exams.
  2. Our Professional hygienists will work with you and serve as your guide to determine if any of these treatments or services are right for you. Assisting you with the latest information and comprehensive understanding of not only what these procedures are, but how they can best benefit your overall health.
  3. Cleanings and Breath treatment.
  4. Gum Disease & Odyssey Diode Laser Therapy-As part of your regular check up, we carefully check the condition of your gums, charting pockets between your teeth and gums to look for problem areas. Caught in the early stages, most gum disease can be arrested with special cleaning. Tougher cases used to mean periodontal surgery. But now, Asheville Dental Care is able to save many patients from surgery by treating tough gum disease with Odyssey Diode Laser Therapy.
  5. Special deep cleanings-This thorough hygiene procedure often resolves gum issues and prevent the need for gum surgery.
  6. Dental sealants.
  7. Oral Cancer Screening – Each year over 30,000 American are diagnosed with oral cancer. One out of four of those diagnosed do not smoke or drink alcohol. When oral cancer is detected in the more advanced later stages, the survival rate is only about 50%; however, when diagnosed early the cure rate is about 80-90%. Our Practice recently incorporated the Orascoptic DK exam into our oral screening standard of care. Using the Orascoptic DK, along with a visual oral cancer examination improves the ability to identify abnormal tissues at its earliest stages. Early detection of potentially cancerous tissue can minimize or eliminate the disfuguring effects of oral cancer and possibly save your life. The exam will be offered to you annually.
  8. Night guards – Tooth wear. Sensitivity to heat or cold. Loosened teeth, fractures, and headaches. These things can happen from grinding your teeth, most of the time while you sleep. As many as 90% of us grind our teeth at night. There is some evidence that a bite out of alignment contributes to bruxism, but most agree stress is the problem. Come and see us for an evaluation. Our practice can relieve the damages of bruxism with a custom dental appliance. The best solution:  learning how to handle the stress in your life.

The Odyssey Diode Laser

  • Reduces pocketing where bacteria grows.
  • Removes diseased tissue.
  • Encourages gum reattachment.
  • Very little post-op sensitivity most people feel no sensitivity.
  • And often reduces need for periodontal surgery.

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