Questions and Answers on Snore Guards

Q. Dr. Powell, you are here today to talk with us about snoring and sleep apnea – what is the difference and why are they a problem?
A. Well, snoring is simply a loud noise that people make when they sleep, and sleep apnea is a chronic condition that can actually pause our breathing or cause it to be shallow.

Q. Why is snoring a problem?
A. Well, while it may not be life threatening, it can be threatening to the health of our relationships. If your spouse or significant other tell you your snoring is a problem.. then your snoring is a problem.

Q.What about sleep apnea?
A. This is a bit more serious, and can actually be life threatening. Sleep apnea, as I shared is a chronic condition that can pause your breathing or make it shallow. This is a concern because it can last for a few seconds or even minutes causing disruption to your sleep. When sleep apnea occurs, your actual transition from a fresh, deep sleep to a light sleep or even not sleeping at all. This can not only cause you to be tired during the day, but because of the chronic condition it increases your risk for high blood pressure, heart attack, stroke, obesity, and diabetes.

Q. What can be done about sleep apnea?
A. The good news is there is a lot; at Asheville Dental Care we work with your physician, first ensuring you have been properly diagnosed and have all of the information you need. Then we customize, especially for you, a dental device called a snore guard, that when worn regularly, can actually work to help prevent snoring and sleep apnea.

Q. How is that different from the traditional CPAP we have all heard of?
A. A snore guard is fitted by your dentist unlike a CPAP; the snore guard fits easily into your mouth much like a night guard. This means you can carry it with you overnight, take it on trips and best of all it is more comfortable, and you can move when you sleep. The CPAP, which is a great device is unfortunately large cumbersome and restricts movement. This snore guard, allows you to turn your head, roll over, and is something you will actually use. About 50% of people who own a CPAP elect not to use them. The snore guard is a great alternative.

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