Happy Holidays

Healthy Teeth Equals A Happy Holiday Season!

Hard to believe it is that time of year again; the time when we attend holiday parties, indulge in our favorite holiday foods and treats, and spend as much time as we can with family and friends. Yes, this is a special time of year, our schedules are busy and time is limited, so I would venture to guess that the last thing you want or need to add to your “to do” list is a visit to see your dentist.


So here are a few tips, from the team at Asheville Dental Care, to keep your teeth healthy and strong and ensure you have the smile you want to take you through the holiday season. Follow these easy tips, and chances are good you won’t have to see your dentist until the regular check-up you have already scheduled for 2014 – and I know you have already scheduled your 2014 routine exam!

  • Eat, Brush, Love – holidays mean more indulging. We have more treats around the office and lots to “graze”  from at holiday parties. This means we will eat more foods with higher contents of sugar, more sticky and gooey foods, and more dates and raisins which can have higher contents of acid. So eat what you want, but protect your teeth by brushing just a little more often this time of year, and you will love the results.
  • Make Sure You Are Packing – if you are going to brush more often you need to be prepared; and you need to make sure you are packing. This time of year means longer days and more opportunity for sugar and acid to sit on your teeth for longer periods of time. Don’t let this happen, be prepared and carry a small tooth brush and small tube of toothpaste with you. Take the time to slip off throughout the day to do a quick brush and touch up!
  • Drink and Swoosh – we don’t always have the time to slip off and brush our teeth, so the next best thing is a quick swoosh. Yes, it is okay this time of year to still drink those juices and sip that wine, but before you start that second glass or leave that party, grab a little water and do a quick swoosh around your mouth. This simple tip is the next best thing to brushing,  the water will remove the surface sugar or acid that may be laying on the surface of your teeth. This is not a substitute for brushing, just a quick interim step.
  • Teeth or Tool – believe it or not your teeth are not a tool. I know, I know sometimes the easiest thing to do is to just use your teeth to open a package or a bottle, but believe me teeth are not as strong as they look. Take a few extra minutes and pick up the scissors or package openers,  and use the “real” tools to open those gifts and bottles of spirits.
  • Just Say No – this is the time of year when we slip back into old habits.  We have an extra glass of wine, pick up that cigarette we have not had in a year, and eat more sugar and fat than we have had in months. While none of these things are good for our bodies or our relationships, they are also damaging to our teeth. So, enjoy yourself by all means, but just say no to those temptations to over indulge. Your teeth, your body and your family will be happy!

While we love being your choice for a Dentist in Asheville we value our patients, and we want you to enjoy this time of year with your family and friends. So put these tips on your list and check them off twice; and we will take you off the naughty list and tell Santa your nice!