When you come to Asheville Dental Care, we have one  goal and that is to ensure  your teeth remain healthy,  strong and last a lifetime. We want you to feel confident in your smile, and enjoy the many benefits of healthy teeth and gums. Most of our patients have that goal as well, as their secondary goal, their primary goal and biggest concern is having good looking teeth so they feel confident in their smiles.

The most often asked questions we hear from our patients about improving their smiles and achieving their goal, are about replacing missing teeth, saving existing teeth and improving the brightness by whitening their teeth. Rarely if ever do patients think about or understand you can actually change the shape of your teeth. And changing the shape of your teeth can have a dramatic, and I mean dramatic impact on the way you look and feel about your smile.

On average when we are in our twenties our front teeth are 10.5 millimeters long, and then as we age, just like everything else our teeth change due to wear and tear. Many of us grind our teeth, chip our teeth and do a number of other things that cause them to shorten. And unfortunately, when are teeth lose their length, they lose their shape and we begin to lose confidence in our smiles.

Last week, I had the greatest patient in my office, just like so many of my patients, she referred by another long time patient.  This patient (we will call her Cindy) was an attractive woman in her early sixties, who made her living modeling and smiling for the camera. She was referred to us, because over the years she had become unhappy with her smile. She was interested in restoring some of her teeth, and then whitening. After a talking with her, understanding what she liked about her smile, and what she didn’t, I suggested a treatment plan that included restoration and whitening that she has asked about and also suggested lengthening her teeth. We showed her what it could do, and she was eager to give it a try.

The result was incredible. Just by lengthening and reencountering her teeth, we not only restored her smile, but the overall impact on her face was amazing. She looked ten years younger, and the confidence and excitement she felt just from seeing the difference enhanced her confidence and overall appearance. Her smile was electric.

As a dentist, I love what I do and my team at Asheville Dental Care. In the thirty-five years I have been in practice, dentistry has come so far, and there is so much we can these days to  not only  impact the overall health of our patients, but also in restoring confidence and pride to how they look and the smile they use to greet the world.

To find out more about getting the smile you want, and the healthy, strong and white teeth you need, browse our website www.ashevilledentalcare.com or give us a call 828-274-3882. We would love to show you around, talk with you, find out what is important to you, and answer all of your questions about how you can have the smile you want, and strong, healthy teeth that will last a lifetime!