We decided, when creating this album for you, that we would not choose to place the usual “cookie cutter” images of random peoples smiles.  Instead, we will offer some examples of actual patients who we have helped transform their smiles from average to outstanding. Please take some time to compare their photos, we are very proud of them.

This is one of our overall best complete restoration cases. After years of severe grinding and clenching habits this patient had worn his teeth to the point of massive destruction. He came in completely prepared to be told he needed dentures. After some “quality time together” he is now proud of his smile. He says his smile looks like it did when he was 30 years old!

This shows a dramatic change in alignment of this patients teeth in only 6 months. He chose to wear 6 Month Smile braces because of the time frame involved, traditional orthodontics would have taken a minimum of 2 years to accomplish.

This patient had been to different dentists over her lifetime and had a patchwork of restorations done. She had irregular shaped porcelain fused to metal crowns,  with metal showing at the gumline. We were able to remove those old opaque crowns and place all porcelain Cerec restorations in one visit in our office. No outside lab involved.

B1 Before B2 After

Tooth Bonding

Tooth Bonding

Composite Fillings

Composite Fillings



Patient Before & After