Natural Looking Dentures for a Beautiful Smile

Dr. Peter Pang may recommend dentures in Asheville, NC when a patient is missing several teeth or needs to have teeth extracted. Even though dentures can take some getting used to, they are the ideal solution for patients looking for a natural-looking tooth replacement procedure. The latest technologies and advancements in the field allow us to create very comfortable oral appliances that offer a variety of functional benefits. Learn more about missing teeth replacement, tooth extractions, and dentures in Asheville, NC, by scheduling your appointment with Dr. Pang today!

Asheville Dental Care - Dentures

About Traditional Dentures

You may be a good candidate for traditional dentures if you need to have damaged or weak teeth removed, or if you have several missing teeth in the upper or lower jaw. We create custom dental appliances for our denture patients to ensure an optimal fit. These dentures can be removed for cleaning and will need to be sanitized at night. Traditional dentures are relatively easy to take care of and are designed to last for several years.

Full and Complete Dentures

Some patients need to see us for both tooth extractions and dentures to replace those teeth fairly quickly. Others may be choosing dentures over dental implants or exploring the idea of getting permanent dentures. In most cases, we will need the bone and gums to heal for about 12 weeks after extractions before we can place a set of conventional dentures. For patients that do want to go without teeth during the healing period, immediate dentures are an option designed for immediate placement after teeth have been removed.

Partial Dentures

When a patient still has one or more natural teeth in the upper or lower jaw, partial dentures may be the most attractive option for replacing missing teeth. These can be removable or fixed, depending on the needs of the patient. The denture is built around existing teeth to create the most natural-looking result and improve the functioning of the bite.