whiteningEnhance Your Smile with In-Office Teeth Whitening in Asheville, NC

We understand that many patients turn to over-the-counter teeth whitening products to brighten their smile. While these products can offer benefits in the short-term, many end up damaging the teeth and may not whiten your smile immediately. Turn to Dr. Pang for professional dentist teeth whitening in Asheville, NC, for a safer treatment and immediate results.

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Benefits of Professional Teeth Whitening Services

Asheville Dentist Tooth Whiting If you have discolored teeth or want to maintain a brighter, healthier-looking smile, you may be the perfect candidate for in-office teeth whitening treatments. Dr. Pang has helped countless patients achieve a brighter, more beautiful smile with professional teeth whitening treatment packages. We may recommend tray based tooth whiteners or laser treatment to whiten your teeth by several shades.

Safe and Effective Teeth Whitening Solutions

One of the biggest benefits of turning to our practice for dentist teeth whitening services is that you will not risk damaging your teeth and gums in the process. Many over-the-counter products contain bleaching agents and other additives that can irritate the gums or are designed with ill-fitting mouthpieces that will not cover all of the tooth surface properly. These are ‘one size fits all’ products that may or may not give you the best results.

Achieve Your Perfect Smile with Dentist Teeth Whitening Services

Dr. Pang and their team are here to help you achieve your perfect smile with customized procedures and cosmetic treatments like in-office teeth whitening. If you are concerned about tooth discoloration or want to feel more confident about your smile, let us put together a customized teeth whitening package for you! Schedule your complimentary consultation today.